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X-ray Film Digitizer for Industrial

Microtek NDT-2000

NDT-2000 (Beta).jpg
microtek logo.png

- Meets ISO 14096 / ASME Section V

- Satisfies DA, DB, DS Class (Optical Density 0.5 ~ 4.5)

- 1,200 DPI support (21㎛)

- Green LED to maximize image quality

- Fast working speed

- Design and design specialized for digitizing work and maintenance

- Price competitiveness of DB Class product grade

Multistrip Feeder

Multistrip Feeder Digitizing.png

- In case of digitizing a narrow film mainly used in the industrial field, the working time can be drastically reduced (2~5 times)

- Able to use X-ray film of various sizes with one feeder

- Work quickly and easily with software that can be applied to Multistrip Feeder

- Available for both Vidar NDT Pro and Microtek NDT-2000

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