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Find reliable solutions for applications in laboratory and industrial environments,

with our wide range of vacuum transducers and complementing gauges.

Your needs can be met with these quality ​product lines,

designed and manufactured by Teledyne Hastings​. 

Reliable company with 70 years of tradition to solve the problems you are facing

Solve it with Teledyne Hastings' vacuum sensors and meters

Rough Vacuum Products

Medium Vacuum Products

High Vacuum Products

Related Products

THCD-101 No BG.png
THCD-401 무배경.png

* HPM-760 is discontinued and replaced with HVG-2020A in the same flow range.


* HPM 2002 Series has been discontinued and replaced with HVG-2020B for the same flow range.


* THCD-100 product has been discontinued and will be replaced with THCD-101 product.

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