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Acuscreen NDT

- Preserving film data through digitization of X-Ray films

- Detailed digital image analysis with non-destructive image analysis tools

- Systematic digital data management using databases

- Acuscreen NDT software can be linked to DICONDE Server such as X-PACS and can store and view data.



Uneescan is a software specialized for NDT Film Digitizing.

Users can quickly and easily digitize using Uneescan.

Uneescan not only automatically measures the film size during digitizing, but also recognizes the space between multiple films and automatically divides and saves images.

In addition, images that have already been processed can be divided and saved in the shape of a film by recognizing the empty space between images.

Uneescan provides essential functions such as changing the business card within the image, zooming in or out, and all images are saved in TIFF file format.

workstation 투명배경.png

X-PACS System

- The X-PACS system transfers digital file data generated from NDT, safely stores and manages files

- Saved data can be checked in DICONDE Viewer

- Access the X-PACS Management Web to manage files not only on the internal network but also outside.

Auto Film Feeder.png
Multi-Strip Film Feeder.JPG


Inforad is developing and distributing DICONDE/DICOM Software as well as Data Acquisition Software used in industrial fields.

For more information about Data Acquisition Software, please use the link below.

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- Automation은 로봇을 이용해 필름의 이동을 자동화

- 필름의 거치부터 분류까지 Digitizing 작업 중 필름이

  이동하는 모든 부분의 자동화 가능

1. 필름들을 디지타이저에 투입(400x225).gif

Magic NDT

- OCR 판독 디바이스로 이미지에 들어있는 텍스트를

  인식해 기계가 읽을 수 있도록 변환


- 자동으로 필름의 정보값을 인식 및 저장 가능

- 자동

- 알고리즘을 이용해 보조 결함 인식 가능

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