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Inforad's X-ray Film Scan Service

- Convert analog film to digital image file (converted to DICONDE, TIFF, JPEG, or any file format you want)

- Scanning can be performed at a low price compared to the purchase and maintenance cost of expensive X-ray film scanner equipment

- Development and supply of software to manage NDT digital image data other than RT inspection

service procedure


RT film scan request received

necessary for data

information consultation

Scan job in progress

On-site DB construction

or USB delivery

Advantages of infoRAD Scan Service

Multistrip Feeder Digitizing.png

flexible response

Inforad has been providing X-ray film scanning services since 2003.

As a Korean distributor of VIDAR systems, a manufacturer of RT Film Ditizer,


Flexible response is possible depending on small/large projects.

follow the standard

We proceed with digitization of film according to ISO-14096.

Data can also be converted into general image TIFF files.

​Independent format for security according to customer's request


processing is possible.

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Post-image management

We deliver data by USB method per case.

DICONDE Viewer is provided to check the data after scanning.

We propose a data management solution when long-term dataization is required.

Minimize maintenance cost

There is no need to spend/maintenance costs incurred when introducing equipment after scanning.

​You can reduce complex and unnecessary expenses by introducing services only when necessary.

save money.png

Consistent image/equipment operation management

If maintenance is neglected, the failure rate increases and efficiency decreases.

Without regular maintenance, the results are unreliable.

​Inforad offers everything from hardware to software required for scanning.


All quality control.

Service procedure video

​Easier to understand with the video

Features of the scan service

- You can check images quickly and easily using the free Image Viewer

- In addition to basic image tools such as change of contrast, zoom in and out, etc.


Special functions such as length, width, density measurement, histogram, etc. are also provided.

Provides convenience for checking images

image viewer.PNG

- By providing DICONDE file format suitable for ISO and ASME international standards

Internationally Recognizable for Security and Distribution

ISO 로고.png
vidar iso 14096.jpg

ISO 14096

ASME 로고.jpg
vidar asme section v.jpg

ASME Section V

Bam 로고.PNG
vidar bam2.jpg
vidar bam1.jpg

BAM Certification

Digitizing Service in Eastern Asia

- Support from local partners in Shenzhen, Thailand and China is available.

​- Currently, communication and film inspection/ logistics are carried out with the field company.

​- There is no change in the existing scan cost.

Thailand - Manager JOE

+66 99 616 9577

1/83 Plus City Park Village Phraram 9-Huamark, Soi Huamark 23, Bankapi District, Bangkok

Shezhen, China- Manager Lily


+86 13480646468


Room 9119, Shangcheng Building, No.73-1, Changjiangpu Road, Henggang Sub-district,Longgang District, Shenzhen,P.R.China

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