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CLC100 Leak Checker

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) - Leak Tester

CLC100 - Leak Checker.jpg

The CLC100 is a simple to use leak tester designed for fast and reliable leak testing in a huge range of applications and over a wide range of absolute and gauge, positive and negative pressures.

Its intuitive setup allows a new test to be programmed in seconds, either from the device front panel membrane buttons or via the on-board web server where a PC can be connected via an ethernet cable and a web browser used to operate, set up and perform diagnostic functions.

During the test, a countdown is shown, along with the current pressure. On test completion, a clear pass/fail notification is displayed, along with the delta pressure decay or rise measured during the test.

  • Any full scale pressure between - 1 and 10 barg, with vacuum/absolute ranges available

  • Programmable pressure decay / rate of rise time

  • Programmable pass/fail criteria, with notification on test completion

  • Simple one-button test start

  • OLED display

  • High integrity manifold and isolation valves

  • High resolution display for optimum leak sensitivity

  • On-board web server for operation, set up and diagnostics

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