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CMB 10x

Multichannel Gas Blender

cmb10x - multichannel gas blender.jpg

CMB is a high accuracy multi channel gas mixer available with two, three or four channels.

Each channel is configurable for any full scale between 5 cc/min and 20 l/min(N2 equivalent), each providing 0.5% of reading flow accuracy as standard, and channel has wide 200 : 1 control turndown. This range-ability, high accuracy and very wide control performance provides excellent blend turndown and sensitivity.

Interfacing with the unit is simple, either via the high resolution LCD front panel and intuitive menu, or via the on-board web server, where a PC can be connected via and ethernet cable and a web browser used to read, control, set up and perform diagnostic/calibration functions.

A stainless steel high integrity manifold and a high specification isolation valve per channel ensure both internal(channel interference) and external(to atmosphere) leak integrity. A blend chamber in the outlet line ensures gases are fully mixed before leaving the unit on the CMB outlet port. Mechanical interfaces are 1/4" Swagelok as standard.

  • Two, three or four channel versions as standard

  • Very wide range and control turndown

  • On-board and webserver interfaces

  • 0.5% of reading flow accuracy

  • High resolution color LCD display

  • High integrity manifold and valves, with outlet blend chamber

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