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Data Acquisition Software


Vacumon is an industrial vacuum measurement program that measures the vacuum value, and you can check the change in the value in a real-time graph.

When measuring multiple pumps by entering the vacuum pump model and serial number, data results can be easily distinguished, and the target vacuum level is displayed as a reference line on the graph, allowing you to quickly check that the vacuum level has been reached.

​Measurement data can be extracted to an Excel file according to the set time, and the measurement graph can also be extracted as a picture file.

vacumon 소개(1000-12.5F).gif


Gasmon is a software that measures the flow and vacuum of Teledyne Hastings' Mass Flow Meter/Controller, 300B Series, vacuum meter HVG-2020 Series, DAVC, and Alicat's Mass Flow Meter/Controller.

Multi-channel measurement is possible, so it is possible to receive measurement values ​​from multiple sensors at the same time and display them on one screen, and remote measurement is also possible.

When measuring, the Permeance & Flux values ​​are automatically calculated and displayed through the corresponding chamber data and time input.

​Measurement data and Permeance & Flux values ​​can be extracted to an Excel file according to the set time.

gasmon 소개(1000-20).gif


Inforad is developing and distributing DICONDE/DICOM Software used in industrial fields as well as Data Acquisition Software.

For more information about DICONDE/DICOM Software, please use the link below.

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