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User Guide for Mass Flow Meters (MFMs) and Mass Flow Controllers (MFCs)

Mass flow controllers (MFCs) are versatile, robust and accurate measurement and control.

Available equipment , it can be used in a variety of gas flow environments in a variety of environments.

In terms of accuracy, stability and reliability

Here's how to get the most out of MFC.

Introducing the Hastings 300 Series


Unlike general flow sensors, Up Stream and Down Stream,

Since the coil is wound in two places, the delta 'T' value of the sensor is maintained even at low temperatures.

It changes linearly in real time according to the flow rate.

Patented sensor -> Accurate and fast response speed

Because the sensor of the patented MFC 300 series results in linearity,

It is very accurate and can have a fast reaction rate.

Low Pressure Drop

In addition, the sensor tube has a relatively large aperture compared to other series.

By design, lower 'pressure drop' than existing mass flow meters

(a phenomenon in which the pressure of the gas falls below the existing pressure as it passes through the flow meter) can be implemented.

Teledyne Hastings thermal mass flow sensors are used worldwide.

​Please refer to the related application.

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