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Teledyne Hastings NALL Series

Teledyne Hastings' NALL Series has a long history.

This product is characterized by being able to be used at high temperatures.

It can also be used in other general applications.

NALL series is available from 10 sccm to 15,000 slm.

Measures a wide range of flow rates, with very low pressure drop and

Analog Output is provided.

All gas contact parts are made of metal,

Monel types suitable for corrosive gases are also available.

Main Features



  • No O-Ring. All Metal

  • No Transducer in Flow Meter - High Temperature / Can be used in harsh environments

  • Provides undistorted flow rate even with 20% temperature / pressure change

  • 10 sccm to 15,000 slm

Wetted Material


316ss is a sister product to 304ss, which is commonly used as alloy steel.

18% chromium, 8% nickel, and about 3% molybdenum are the main constituents,

It is composed of small amounts of other elements and iron.

The composition of chromium and nickel is the same as 304ss, but molybdenum is added.

As a result, it has a particularly strong resistance to seawater corrosion.

It has the characteristics of being more resistant to high temperature.

The principle of preventing corrosion is that only the iron component on the surface is selectively melted when exposed to the electrolyte.

make a chrome surface   Crohn is oxidized to dense Cr2O3 to prevent further corrosion.

When molybdenum is added, a strong intermetallic compound of Mo-Cr-Ni is created on the surface.

It is a principle that promotes the selective melting of iron components, thereby accelerating corrosion resistance.


Monel is mainly composed of nickel and copper, with small amounts of iron, manganese, carbon and silicon.

composed   As a nickel alloy, it is weaker than pure nickel.

The corrosion resistance of nickel has been improved, and as it is stronger than ordinary steel, it is used as a structural material that requires corrosion resistance.

R Monel has good machinability and K Monel has precipitation hardening by adding aluminum and titanium.

It is an expensive alloy that is 5 to 10 times more expensive than copper and nickel and 3 times more expensive than carbon steel.

The common features of 316ss and Monel alloy are high corrosion resistance and

It is specialized for seawater corrosion.

Therefore, in ships and offshore plants, and research related to seawater, etc.

It is widely used as a material for bolts, nuts, shafts and parts, etc.

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