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HPM 2002 OBE

Wide area measurement using two types of sensors

The award winning 2002 Series wide range, dual sensor vacuum gauge, is available in two mounting styles, panel mount  or sensor mount.

The HPM-2002, dual sensor vacuum gauge, is a panel mount instrument with a micro-processor based display unit, gauge tube, and interconnecting cable.  The two sensing elements (micro-machined Pirani and Piezoresistive sensor), provide accurate vacuum measurement over 7 decades of pressure from 1 X 10-4 to 1000 Torr.  An algorithm residing in the microprocessor ensures a seamless transition between the sensors.  ​The HPM-2002-OBE, dual sensor vacuum gauge, is a system mounted version of the gauge.  The HPM-2002-OBE provides all of the performance features of the 2002 Series in a compact configuration with your choice of 12 signal output options. 

Applications and Industries

  • Semiconductor Etch

  • Sputtering Chamber

  • Load Lock Systems

  • Process Control and Test

  • Plasma Coating

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