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HPM 760S

​Free from restrictions according to gas composition

The compact and economical HPM 760S vacuum measuring sensor

Less than 1 Torr (133.3 Pa) at 1000 Torr (133,322.3 Pa)

in the range   It provides very stable and accurate measurements.

Designed for extremely easy installation and operation, the HPM 760S

The gas contact part is made of stainless steel.

Options include fitting, linear output, and power indication.

HPM 760S is based on advanced pressure resistance sensor.

By detecting the force induced by the gas on the vibrating membrane,

Because it measures the resistance value of pressure and change of piezoelectric material

Even if the gas composition changes , measurement is possible without correction.

Applications and Industries

  • Plasma Coating

  • Glove Boxes

  • Accelerators

  • Appliance Manufacturing

  • Cryogenics

  • Vacuum Drying

  • Solar Cell

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