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A Piezo sensor and a Pirani sensor simultaneously in this small product.


Optional Touch Screen Display, Wide Range, Flexible Vacuum Control!

The HVG-2020B wide range, dual sensor vacuum gauge takes measurement to the next level.  With a Piezo based sensor and a thermal based Pirani sensor accurately and confidently measure pressures across seven decades. The Piezo sensor is media isolated, gas composition independent,  and periodically zeroed by the Pirani sensor.  An ambient thermal sensor enables the instrument to adjust for temperature and therefore better accuracy.

The optional touchscreen display, free windows data acquisition software and a variety of digital communication paths makes the HVG-2020B flexible and user friendly.  Whether you need USB, RS 232, RS 485, linear or log outputs, graphical displays or data acquisition logging, this wide range gauge can perform.

Applications and Industries

  • Semiconductor Etch

  • Sputtering Chamber

  • Load Lock Systems

  • Process Control and Test

  • Plasma Coating

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