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1. 필름들을 디지타이저에 투입(400x225).gif

- Scanbot is a fully automated RT digitizing system that loads, digitizes, recognizes, labels and packages films without human intervention.

-  It identifies films by recognizing texts with state-of-the-art OCR and customizable templates. 

Once correctly recognized, the Scanbot sends images to the built-in DICONDE server which can be accessed by any DICONDE-compatible software such as AcuScreen Workstation. 

There are specifications of SCAN-BOT System.

PLC(Programmable Logic Controller) 
Consists of 3 Robot arms 
Handling film : Pneumatic Vacuum
Tact time :30sec /film 
Power : 220VAC
Size : 2.3m * 1.7m * 2.1m(h)
Weight: 800kg

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