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X-PACS System

Synology NAS.png
X-PACS 로고(2096x472).png

- The X-PACS system transfers digital file data from non-destructive scans to store securely and manages files.

- Saved data can be viewed in DICONDE Viewer

- Access the X-PACS Management Web to manage files not only on the internal network but also off the grid.

Advantages of the X-PACS System

- X-PACS is physical space
It can be used in a compact size compared to rack-time servers.

​- Seamless scalability
You can use more capacity than using cloud services.
If capacity is low, additional HDDs can be purchased and mounted for ease of scalability.

- Low maintenance cost
Use low-power hardware to overwhelmingly reduce power compared to typical servers.
It's also cheaper than building servers in the cloud.

- Safe management
The likelihood of data leakage is very low.

- Easy to use
You can use it with simple training without requiring the technician you manage.

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