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HFM D 306B / HFC D 308B

2,500 slm to 10,000 slm

187 kg/hr to 750 kg/hr

​Able to measure and control gas flow quickly and accurately

Mass flow techniques provide RELIABLE, REPEATABLE AND ACCURATE gas flow rate measurements.

HFM-D-306A/HFC-D-308A mass flow instruments have flow ranges from 0-2500 slm to 0-10000 slm; provide analog and digital outputs, and are constructed of stainless steel.   Easy, user friendly digital communications with windows based software interface available.  Available with a  variety of elastomer seals for maximum flexibility.

Self diagnostics of the sensor, valve and overflow are included in the digital features. Also of interest is the auto zero feature which detects when the valve is closed and automatically resets the zero. These mass flow meters and controllers can store up to 10 calibrations of different ranges and gases.  Another feature is the built in totalizer for monitoring gas usage under user set conditions.

± (0.5% of reading + 0.2% of full scale) Accuracy

Buy from the designers, Teledyne Hastings, and experience extraordinary customer service. Let us solve your application challenges, by designing and building your flow instruments.

  • Color Touch Screen Display

  • Graphically View Flow

  • Multi-Gas Calibrations

  • Sensor Diagnostics

  • Totalizer

  • Analog and Digital Output

  • 0-5 VDC, 0-10 VDC, 4-20 mA

  • RS 232, RS 485, USB

  • Flow Capacity from 5 sccm to 10000SLM

  • Fitting Options form Compression to Surface Mount

  • Metal and Elastomer Seal Available

  • Free Application Support

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