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I'm DB-10

IMDB-10 is a combination of mass flow meter (MFM) and measuring meter (MFC).

Sends and receives signals and outputs them to the built-in display

Android-based using Bluetooth function

It communicates wirelessly with mobile phones, laptops, and tablets,

This product is designed for measurement and control.

Existing display and control equipment

It does not need to be used and for data communication

It can be used without connecting a separate line to the computer.

When connected to a mobile phone via Bluetooth, the flow rate is

Check and control.


  • Operating voltage: DC 24V

  • Operating current: Max. 50mA or less

  • ADC 10 bit : +/- 2%

  • DAC 12 bit : +/- 2%

  • Bluetooth transmit power: 4dBm

  • Bluetooth reach: open site (within 30 m), indoor (within 10 m)

  • Bluetooth transmission cycle: real time

  • Connectable product specification: Android 4.0 (Icecream Sandwich) or higher


  • Portable Flow Meter System for Mobile

  • Flow Meter System for Research

  • Recessed Flow Meter System

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